Trail Access Grant: Stay The Trail update

trail-1The Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program continues to award many grants since first being announced in 2013 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The Responsible Recreation Foundation received the grant back in 2015 and has made great strides since than. Their flagship program “Stay The Trail” has been spreading the message of responsible motorized recreation for eleven years now.

The grant was used to complete three distinct projects that involved the purchase and installation of kiosks and other materials. These projects provided much needed signage and information at three heavily used OHV areas.

Badger Flats This project took place on the South Park Ranger District in the Pike National Forest to install a variety of kiosks and signs. Volunteers helped install three sets of kiosks at two different locations, along with one smaller sign, and the placement of large rocks to create a barrier around the kiosks.

Mt. Antero This project took place during the annual All-4 Fun event sponsored by Mile Hi Jeep Club to improve 3 large kiosks. These trails were between Salida and Buena Vista on the San Isabel National Forest. This project was a combined effort to bring the 4×4, ATV, and Dirt Bike communities together to work together to improve and trails.

Mud Springs Recreation Area This project took place near Cortez, Colorado at the Mud Springs Recreation Area. Three large kiosk and barricades were installed around the Rock Crawler entrances.

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Trail Access Grant: Dirt Minions 4×4 update

The Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program was first announced at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Since then, it has awarded grants to a number of non-profit off-road organizations, including Dirt Minions 4×4 from Oregon.

Since receiving the grant late last year the organization has made great progress with the Ladee Flats OHV for their trail. They’ve upgraded two existing trails from easy to moderate trails with multiple single black diamond sections. A large clean up event that brought out 105 volunteers started the efforts removing 4600 lbs of trash from the OHV, from there numerous changes begun.

Several features have been added such as boulders to 4 separate optional crawl sections and clearing brush to opening a large natural rock ledge for climbing. Rail style fencing has been added to keep people on the trails and off the nature areas surrounding. Added water management to miles of trail that were unsustainable due to muddy conditions helped tremendously for the wet season which in Oregon feels like year round.

Dirt Minion 4×4 next plan of actions include a wide variety on new trails and expanding. There will be 2 new trails that require a lot of work for the trails to be sustainable for long term use. The organization also helped the Forest Service to obtain a large grant that will help expand the parking area along with permanent restrooms and also a campground may be in the near future for the park as well.

With the Trail Access Grant the organization has spent less time raising funds and more time putting their shovels to work.

Omix-ADA continues grant funding for Trail Access Program


Omix-ADA continues funding for its Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program for 2015. The program grants of up to $5,000 to organizations helping to advance the off-road hobby. The program was announced at the 2013 SEMA Show and since than it has awarded grants to a number of non-profit off-road organizations.

The program was started for use toward education, stewardship, litigation or any other activity advocation the conservation of public land and access to recreational trails.

Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program


At the SEMA Show this year we announced that we will launching this program that will will provide grants to non-profit organizations to help keep trails open on public land. These grants will also go to groups that help advance and protect the off-roading. At the SEMA show, Omix-ADA donated $50,000 to the program as a show of support for organizations fighting for trail access.

“The Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program was created to back efforts to keep public trails open to full-size four-wheel-drive off-road use,” said Dave Logan, product manager at Omix-ADA and a four-wheel-drive trainer. “Omix-ADA will always support the off-road hobby; we recognize that for us and others within the off road automotive aftermarket, no trails means no sales.”

Non-profit organizations can apply for grants of up to $5000 by visiting Only one grant will be awarded to any given organization per year. Grants can be put toward education, stewardship, litigation, or any other activity advocating the conservation of public land and access to recreational trails.