“Well If That Ain’t the ICE-ing on the Cake”

Maybe you’ve seen them or, like my Dad who is in his eighties, has seen them and didn’t honestly know the difference, but electric cars are everywhere. The first time I saw a Tesla with my father and explained to him some of the technology that is incorporated within its sleek chassis, he looked at me as though I were recruiting him for some fanatical cult. Then again, he looks at me like that quite a lot.

One component that comes along with the sudden growth of electric transportation is the need for recharging stations. If regular cars have filling stations on literally every corner, then why would an electric be any different? I guess I’ve only started noting them within the past 18 months or so, but they may have been around for much longer. You see, they’re not always right out in the open.


Usually way, way out in the far stretches of the parking lot is where these “superchargers” are constructed. Out in the areas that are usually reserved for us car guys & gals who would rather walk three-quarters of a mile than come out to a wayward Target buggy bashed against our precious trail-rashed paint. So it seems as though some of these same car guys may have taken slight offense to the cordoning of these spaces for the exclusive use of car-charging and decided to partake in silent protest. And, hence, ICE-ing was born.


What is ICE-ing, you might ask if your inquisitive nature is even partially engaged? Well, ICE is an acronym that stands for ‘Internal Combustion Engine’, which makes the better part of Americans “ICE-ers”, whether they know it or not (I can’t wait to tell my Dad- he’ll be so excited to learn).

It seems as though, at least one segment of these ICE-ers has decided to take a literal stand, or park, if you will, against the presence of these charging stations by placing their massive gas-guzzling behemoths in positions where they completely block access to the charging stations. Dare I say, they are acting like real gas-holes.


The electric car community has reacted in the most sensitive and politically-correct manner they can devise, by creating a flashy little window flyer, printed in a color known as “Crabby Red”, to place under the wiper of the offending vehicles. The flyer simply states that they are confident that this whole thing must be a horrible mistake and they would appreciate it if you would muster a base level of courtesy when you select your next parking space. They then entice you with a link to a website where you too can learn more about electric cars for yourself. Maybe even begin to develop an understanding of why they exist on this crazy earth. I’m somewhat certain the words are fully wasted on the ICE-ers.


I can’t help but think that not all of this ICE-ing is intentional. I know the first time I saw a Tesla Supercharging station from a distance, I thought it to be a car vacuum or air compressor, despite its somewhat remote location. Certainly some poor dimwit has pulled up and tried, in great frustration, to refill their under-inflated tire, only to wobble off in failure. I know this as well as I know that Tesla drivers have tried to find the gas door on their fancy electrics…


So, what if there is a certain level of indoctrination that needs to occur to the general population before the existence of these charging stations becomes common knowledge? I mean, things are getting pretty hostile out there right now. People are getting offended, tempers are becoming heated, things are being said, flyers are being placed on windshields, for god’s sake!


Apparently somebody has already asked such probing questions of themselves and the solution was obvious. “We’ll paint the ground in front of the supercharging station, advising of the purpose of the parking spot, thus dispelling it’s use for any potential nere-do-wells”. Such painted images should be possess an easily deciphered image so as to be freely interpreted by someone with only a basic level of acuity. Cartainly, if they continue to park here, it is surely an intentional action.


Oh, Geez! C’mon people!! I don’t know how much clearer it can be stated to you. Unless you have a place to plug in the charger cable, you have absolutely no business using this parking space. Do I make myself clear? Sticking the charging cable into your stake bed pocket doesn’t count either. Nice try…


That’s it! Until they decide to make all electric vehicles off-road capable, this problem may likely not have an easy solution. Or maybe it’s the mentaility of the electric car driver that needs to change. Be a little more like a Jeep driver. Quit worrying about everyone’s feelings, hop a curb and find a solution. There… now isn’t that better? OlllllllO


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