CJ Models 45-86

The Willys CJ (later Jeep CJ) is the civilian version of the Willys military Jeep® from WW II. The CJ stood for “Civilian Jeep®” and has been the longest running “model name” among the open vehicles. From the CJ-2A starting in 1946 to the CJ-7/CJ-8 ending in 1986. The CJ-6 (extended CJ-5) and CJ-8 (extended CJ-7, aka Scrambler) were additional versions of the CJ. The Jeep CJ is still regarded as the vehicle that started the Jeep® enthusiast craze from which the off-road hobby started. The vehicle’s can-do and go anywhere attitude drew many outdoors people to use these vehicles for trips in the mountains and other areas where regular vehicles couldn’t go. A whole new industry was born with many aftermarket suppliers for lift kits, bumpers and other upgrades for the Jeep®. The Laredo package for example received chrome bumpers, tow hooks, leather seats and a clock.


A   H   S
Air Filters   Halogen Lighting   Seat Brackets
Antenna   Hard Tops   Seat Covers (Front)
Appliques and Overlays   Headlight Assemblies   Seat Covers (Rear)
Arm Rest   HID Lighting   Seat Protectors
Axle   High Back Seats   Seat Risers
    Hitches & Towing   Seat Sliders
    Hood   Seat (Front)
B   Hood Catches   Seat (Rear)
Bags, Bins, & Kits   Hood Hinges   Seats & Seat Covers
Battery   Hood Lifts   Shackles
Bezels & Trim   Hood Locks   Shift Knobs
Black Mirrors   Hood Trim Kits   Shock Boots
Body Protection       Shocks
Brackets       Side Steps
Brakes & Steering   I   Soft Tops & Covers
Brief Tops   Interior Spacers & Adapters
Bumpers   Island Topper Speedometer Gears
        Stainless Mirrors
      Stainless Steel
C   J   Stainless Steel Brake Hoses
Cab Covers   Jeep Parts   Standard Rear Seat
Cargo Liners       Steering
Cargo Racks       Steering Stabilizer Kits
Carpet   K   Stereo Console
Catches   Knobs & Levers   Storage
Chrome Mirrors       Storage Bags
Consoles       Storage Boots
Control Arms   L   Summer Briefs
Cowl   Leaf Springs   Sunvisors
    LED Lights   Sway Bars
    License Plate Bracket    
D   Lift Kits    
D-Window Black Wheels   Lift Kits & Suspension   T
Dash   Liftgate Hinges   Tailgate
Dash Knob Sets   Lightbars & Brackets   Tailgate Hinges
Differentials   Light Bulbs   Tire Carriers
Door   Light Guards   Tire Covers
Door Hardware   Lighting   Tow Hooks
Door Hinges   Locking Console   Transmission & T-case
Doors   Low Back Seats   Trim
Drink Holders       Tube Bumpers
Drop Pitman Arms       Tube Steps
Dust Shields   M    
    Manual Locking Hubs    
    Mirror Bushings   V
E   Mirrors   Vehicle Covers
Engine & Underhood   Mounting Hardware    
Engine Mounts        
Entry Guards       W
Exterior   N   Wheels
    Neoprene Seat Covers (Front)   Winch & Recovery Gear
    Neoprene Seat Covers (Rear)   Winch Controls
F       Winch Covers
Fairleads       Winch Line & Cable
Fenders & Flares   P   Winch Mounts
Floor Liners   Pocket Flares   Winches
Fold & Tumble Rear Seat   Poly Cotton Seat Covers (Front)   Windbreakers
Footman Loops   Poly Cotton Seat Covers (Rear)   Windshield
Frame       Windshield Channels
Full Covers       Windshield Hinges
    R   Windshield Knobs
    Racks & Storage   Windshield Tie-Down Kits
G   Radiator Shield   Wiper Motor Covers
Gas Cap Doors   Rear View Mirrors   Wipers
Gauage Cluster   Recovery Gear    
Glove Box   Replacement Lights    
Grab Bars   Roll Bar Accessories   X
Grab Handles   Roll Bar Covers   XHD Modular Bumpers
        XHD Modular Rear Bumpers