Jeep Performance Products

jeep performance

Rugged Ridge Performance Parts are here for all your needs if your looking for a instant boost of power, fuel economy, and overall performance for your engine. No matter what the toughest trails have to offer are parts are tested and backed by our warranties for our parts. As your building your Jeep you can find that we have a wide selection for performance, from intakes to exhaust, for all your performance needs.

cold air intake

Jeep Cold Air Intakes

Rugged Ridge Air Intake System can improve your performance from more horsepower to improved acceleration without going over your budget. Our polished aluminum intake tube replaces the factory air box and plastic tubing, to help improve fuel economy and performance. Black powder coated heat shield separates the filter from engine heat, dirt and debris, as cold air is drawn through a high-flow conical air filter. The simple bolt-on installation gives you power you can feel.

  • Includes high-flow conical dry panel air filter which never needs oiling
  • Mandrel bent intake tube for maximum unrestrictive airflow
  • Simple bolt on installation
throttle body spacer

Jeep Throttle Body Spacers

If your looking for more cooler and denser air flow for your engine the Rugged Ridge Throttle Body Spacer will make your Jeep reach new levels of power and performance. It raises the throttle body 1” above the intake manifold which helps to draw in a stronger flow of air. The large bore design allows your system to inhale a larger volume of air producing more hp and torque. It features solid aluminum construction with a slick anodized black finish, and is a bolt on performance adder for both 4.0L and 2.5L engines.

  • Constructed from solid aluminum with an anodized
  • The cooler and denser air flow optimizes power and performance
  • Includes hardware
jeep header

Jeep Headers

Rugged Ridge Headers are designed to withstand extreme conditions and are ready to be taken on any adventure. Flanges are welded 360 degrees to stand up against the hottest conditions. Our polished stainless steel design gives your engine that new, hot look while increasing horsepower versus standard cast manifold designs. The ceramic coded headers are designed to reduce engine bay heat. Complete bolt on kit includes manifold, gasket, down pipe flange gasket, and hardware.

  • 360 degrees flange welds stand up to the hottest conditions
  • Ceramic finish helps guard against thermal
  • Available in multiple finish options

Jeep Exhaust

jeep exhausts

Rugged Ridge exhaust systems and parts covers stock replacement exhaust to high performance. Our stainless steel systems are desired by many consumers in the market for durability, looks, performance and of course the sound.Customize your Jeep with a upgraded exhaust system. Rugged Ridge exhaust is a must-have to power boost your ride. Jeeps are great for 4-wheeling power and the rugged look but if your still running factory exhaust, you're missing out on your Jeep's best performance.