Front & Rear Jeep Bumpers

Jeep Bumpers

When preparing for the demands of the trails, an upgraded Jeep front bumper is considered beneficial. Winch and D-rings help, but only if you have a place to mount them. Rugged Ridge offers front bumpers with integrated winch and D-ring mounts to safely get you home from the toughest terrain. When going off-road make sure your spare is securely located on a rear bumper and tire carrier combo. Whether you need to replace your worn factory bumper or you’re looking for an upgrade, Rugged Ridge has many options including customizable XHD modular Jeep bumpers to classic tube bumpers. With a few simple handle tools a couple hours of your time you can have your Jeep more personalized and ready for any offroad adventure.

Here are a few ideas to help you find the best Jeep bumper for your specific needs.

Jeep All Terrain Bumper

All Terrain Jeep Bumpers

Modeled after the standard XHD Modular Jeep Bumper System, we tried to create an affordable, yet strong and functional bumper system for the budget-oriented consumer. The All Terrain Modular Bumper System is constructed from durable black powder coated steel and is engineered to offer the highest levels of functionality. The All Terrain Modular Bumper can be customized to a Jeep owner's specific needs by adding any combination of the Double X Striker, removable winch plate cover, Hoop Over-Rider or Stubby Ends.

Jeep Aluminum Bumper

Aluminum Bumpers

Designed to be extremely light weight, the Aluminum XHD bumper at just 26.9 LBS in its lightest form this bumper is almost 10 LBS lighter than the OE bumper and over 80 LBS lighter than the standard off road bumper. With all the options the Aluminum Bumper will weigh in at 62.6 LBS. The bumper has cutouts and mounting points for the factory fog lights as well as a Jeep Style slats. The Aluminum XHD bumper can be accessorized to meet your needs by adding a Hoop Over Rider or Double X Striker, stubby ends and D-rings.

Jeep XHD Modular Bumper

XHD Jeep Bumpers

XHD modular front Jeep bumpers give you the ability to add a variety of ends and over-rider hoops. Rugged Ridge offers some XHD bumpers to use a winch with an integrated mount design. D-ring mounts were added to provide sturdy recovery points. The approach angle and tire clearance are improved by mounting the bumper closer to the frame. Rear XHD modular bumpers feature an optional swinging tire carrier.

Jeep Rock Crawler Bumper

Rock Crawler Bumpers

The Rock Crawler bumper made by Rugged Ridge provides an economical and tough Jeep bumper. For greater ground clearance, Rock Crawler bumpers have formed ends. A black painted finish ensures easy cleanup after your weekend adventures. Rock Crawler bumpers have available options for the front or rear with D-ring mounts, rear tire carrier and hitch.

Jeep RRC Bumper

RRC Bumpers

Rugged Ridge offers the RRC front grille guard bumper featuring an expanded opening to use a winch or mounting four offroad lights. Side clearance is not affected while the RRC bumper tubing still protects the fenders. Reinforced recovery points allow use of two optional D-shackles. To match the front, Rugged Ridge offers rear RRC bumpers with optional tire carrier.

Jeep Tube Bumper

Tube Bumpers

3-inch tube Jeep bumpers have been a popular classic choice for decades. Rugged Ridge offers an affordable way to change the look of your Jeep. Tube bumpers are available with a black powder coat finish or polished stainless steel. Rugged Ridge welds the end caps and does not use the plastic caps most companies offer. Most have light tabs for mounting offroad lights and winch mount versions are available.

Jeep Tire Carrier Bumper

Jeep Tire Carriers

Take the load off your tailgate with a Jeep tire carrier from Rugged Ridge. Available for the XHD, RRC, or Rock Crawler Rear Bumpers, these tire carriers pivot on large bearings to easily close and open. A larger spare tire is able to be held with each tire carrier and uses a latch to keep them secure while offroad and a catch to keep them open.

Jeep Hitches

Jeep Hitches

These Jeep hitches are custom designed to bolt directly to you Jeep's factory mounting points. The hitches are designed as a welded one piece assembly and powder coated black to allow for a long rusts free life. We also provide full kit for the Jeep JK. These kits include the hitch, harness, integrated harness mount, ball and pin everything you need to mount the tow hitch to you Jeep JK.

Jeep Bull Bars

Bull Bars

Rugged Ridge bull bars feature no hassle installation and are made using 304L 3-inch stainless steel with a black powder coat finish. Custom fit Jeep bull bars ensure the strongest mounting points using 3/8-inch to 1/4-inch powder coated mounting brackets that use oversized hardware to prevent vibration. Laser cut skid plates are built in to match each bull bar and help protect your vehicle.