Hurricane Fender Flares

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Looking for a sleeker design to complement your Jeep® while on the trails? Jeep enthusiasts can now get that off-road rugged look with the newly designed Hurricane Flat Fender Flares by Rugged Ridge. Engineered for both form and function, the fender flare’s unique shape is built to complement the Wrangler’s body. Resting high on the vehicle and providing extra clearance for oversized tires and wheels while on trails, these flares protect the vehicle’s paint from flying rocks, mud and any other elements found outdoors. The Hurricane Flat Fender Flare is constructed of durable TPE, which creates a flexible yet very strong fender flare. The fender flares are injection molded which produces a better fitting and more consistent flare. These flares will really set you apart from the crowd.

Standard Features
  • Sleek design with modern twist inspired from classic flares

  • Easy to install

  • Constructed of durable TPE plastic( can be painted to match factory paint)

  • Comes with two sets of heavy-duty corrosion resistant fasteners (stainless steel and black)

  • Includes new side marker lights for a custom look (DOT approved)
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4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)