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Dusty trail rides and crossing over deep water --anyone who takes their rig off-road is likely to encounter these conditions. The patented Modular XHD Snorkel System from Rugged Ridge relocates the vulnerable stock air intake location to help reduce dust clogged filters and the risk of hydro-locking your engine.

This snorkel is the first snorkel designed with the modular functionality of a Pre-filter Low Mount and Ram High Mount air intake design. Unlike other snorkels, you don’t have to give up flexibility for functionality. Not only did we engineer our snorkel to allow the windshield to fold and doors to be removed, we built it for use with our dual battery tray, windshield light bar and windshield light mounting tabs, because what good is having a snorkel to cross the river, if you have to leave your lights and the dual battery (to power your winch) on the other side? Note: Windshield light mounting tabs only compatible with low mount.

Patents D687,071 & D687,072

Standard Features
  • -All components of the Sherpa Roof Rack system feature the dual stage protection of a rust resistant E-coating and textured black powder coating

  • -Front support has 3 integrated light tabs for auxiliary lighting

  • -Customize your rack with the optional Rugged Ridge light bar lowering kit (Part # 11232.22), which allows for up to 4 lights

  • -Optional Adapter kit (part #11703.10) features clamps to allow mounting of industry standard cross bars and racks to hold luggage, bikes, kayaks, skis, snowboards and anything else required for outdoor excursions.

year make model year make model

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