Rugged Ridge launches new Nautic Series of Heavy Duty and Performance Winches

New Series Features Enhanced Design and IP67 Rating for Increased Strength and All- Weather Performance

Rugged Ridge®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Jeep®, truck and off-road accessories, today launched their new line of Nautic Heavy Duty and Performance winches for Jeeps and various other off-road vehicles.

Rugged Ridge's new Nautic Series Heavy Duty & Performance Winches feature IP-67-rated electronics and internals for reliable performance in a wide variety of conditions. Photo Credit: Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge’s new Nautic Series Heavy Duty & Performance Winches feature IP-67-rated electronics and internals for reliable performance in a wide variety of conditions.
Photo Credit: Rugged Ridge

Building on the success of its current winch offerings, Rugged Ridge implemented a new, innovative X-braced gearbox housing and motor cap that provides increased strength to the winch assembly under load, as well as incorporating new IP67-rated components, including the solenoid, motor and gearbox for flawless performance in even the harshest weather and extreme operating conditions.

Available in either 9,500 or 12,500 pound ratings with a choice of steel cable or synthetic rope, the Nautic Series winches are developed with the serious off-road enthusiast in mind. Durable series wound motors deliver impressive pulling power over a long service life, while a three-stage planetary gearbox with either a 172.8:1 or 265:1 gear ratio (depending on model) ensure that Nautic Series winches will deliver consistent, reliable power on demand. An automatic load holding brake system is internal to the drum for exceptional control, pull after pull.

All Rugged Ridge Nautic Series winches come with a weather-resistant hand controller with 12-foot cable, variable-position solenoid mounting brackets for installation in a variety of bumper configurations and a powder-coated latch hook. Either a roller or Hawse style fairlead are also included, based on the model.

The Rugged Ridge Nautic Series Heavy Duty & Performance winches are backed by an industry-leading five-year limited warranty and will be available online and through select Jeep® and off-road parts and accessories retailers nationwide with a suggested MSRP starting at $460.99.

For more information about the new Nautic Series of winches or any of Rugged Ridge’s complete line of high-quality Jeep® and off-road products, or to find an authorized retailer, please contact Rugged Ridge at 770-614-6101 or visit the company’s website at

Part No. Description MSRP
15100.05 Winch, 9500 LBS, Cable, Waterproof $460.99
15100.06 Winch, 9500 LBS, Synthetic Rope, Waterproof $667.99
15100.22 Winch, 12500 LBS, Cable, Waterproof $667.99
15100.23 Winch, 12500 LBS, Synthetic Rope, Waterproof $867.99

Top Ten Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

It’s that time of year. The time when hard working tax payers saunter out to their mail boxes, and find a tax bill rebate check waiting for them. If you’re lucky, and you happen to find it before your significant other, you can start plotting and planning on sinking the money into your rig. Here is the Top Ten items that made our Tax Refund Wish List:

10.)  Winch Recovery Gear Kit

If you don’t already own one, then buy it today. Only a tool goes off road without decent first aid and recovery gear kits.

9.)  Cold Air Intake / Performance Filter

Invest in parts that will earn an extra return. Cold Air Intakes and Performance Filters increase horsepower and fuel economy, and put money back where it belongs: in your wallet.

8.)  GPS

A nice GPS with both Road and Topo maps will cost around $150-400. With it you can record your favorite trails, find the next peak and keep from getting lost.

7.)  Off Road Seats

Nothing is worse than a day on the trail in a worn out seat… it is like every rock is personally kicking you in the seat of your pants. Replace your worn and weathered seats with a set custom made for off-road use for a difference you can feel.

6.)  Off Road Lights

Don’t let night fall on your adventure. Create your own daylight long after the sun has gone down. From ultra bright HIDs to traditional halogen lights, there is a light kit to fit your budget.

5.)  Dual Battery Tray

Don’t let your battery die during your next recovery operation. A dual battery tray gives you extra piece of mind, and two batteries to power all your accessories.

4.)  Heavy Duty Winch

You can pick up a heavy duty 8500 LB winch for less than $350 bucks, or you can fork over the same amount to Hillbilly & Son’s Wrecker Service the next time you get stuck.

3.)  XHD Modular Bumper

It’s the only bumper system that allows you to pick and choose from a series of interchangeable components to build the bumper of your choice.

2.)  Lift Kit

Let’s face it: Its not a Jeep until its lifted.

1.)  Take a Jeep Trip.

It may not be cost effective to drive your Jeep across the county, but for just a few hundred dollars you can rent a Jeep in places like Moab, Telluride, Hawaii or Costa Rica.

Featured Product of the Week: Rugged Ridge 8500LB Heavy Duty Winch

Quadratec names the Rugged Ridge Heavy Duty 8500 LB Winch as their latest “Featured Product of the Week

15100.01Need a winch for your Jeep, truck, or SUV? Rugged Ridge’s line of Heavy Duty winches are everything you could ever want in a winch. Our popular 8500 LB series is powered by a durable 5.5 HP Series Wound Motor for long life and extra pulling power. A tough 3 Stage Planetary Gear box with a 172.8:1 gear ratio delivering power, and reliability on each and every pull. The Heavy Duty 8500 LB Winch has more power and exclusive features than any other winch in its price range: Stainless Steel Hardware- All the exterior winch body screws and bolts are Stainless steel to prevent rust and provide a long life. All Rugged Ridge steel cable style Winches include off road light mount roller fairleads allowing for the easy mount of two off road lights! Special Solenoid mounting brackets allow for multiple solenoid mounting points and the ability to tilt the Solenoid for ease of use. This “tilt” feature ensures that each Rugged Ridge winch can be used with almost all off-road bumpers and over riders! All for a retail price under $300.00!