Rugged Ridge announces new Reflex Antenna for 1997-2016 Jeep Wrangler TJ & JK Models

Low profile design for outstanding on- and off-road performance

Rugged Ridge®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Jeep®, truck and off-road parts and accessories, today announced its new Reflex Antenna for 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ, Wrangler Unlimited LJ and 2007-2016 JK & JKU models.

 Rugged Ridge’s Reflex Antennas is designed with flexible and durable plastic to withstand obstructions. Photo credit: Rugged Ridge

Rugged Ridge’s Reflex Antennas is designed with flexible and durable plastic to withstand obstructions.
Photo credit: Rugged Ridge

The Rugged Ridge Reflex Antenna implements a short antenna design, with a 13-inch overall length, which reduces vulnerability to tree limbs and damaging car washes. Constructed of flexible and resilient plastic, the Reflex Antenna bends to deflect obstructions, then returning to its original position.

The Reflex Antenna is compatible with factory and aftermarket stereo systems providing reception equivalent to the OE equipment. Each Rugged Ridge Reflex Antenna is fitted with the proper threaded adaptor for its application, making installation a simple task – usually accomplished without the use of any tools. Just unscrew the old whip antenna and screw in the Reflex Antenna.

The Rugged Ridge Reflex Antenna is backed by Rugged Ridge’s industry- leading five-year limited warranty and is available online and from select Jeep and off-road retailers nationwide with MSRP starting at $22.99.

For more information about the Reflex Antenna or Rugged Ridge’s complete line of high-quality Jeep and off-road products, or to find an authorized retailer, please contact Rugged Ridge at 770-614-6101 or visit

Part Number Description Price
17212.08 Antenna, Reflex, 13-Inch; 97-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ $22.99
17212.10 Antenna, Reflex, 13-Inch; 07-16 Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU $22.99

Rugged Ridge launches new Windshield CB Mount for 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Ease of radio access and simplicity of design in one package for ’97-’02 models

Rugged Ridge®, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Jeep® parts and off- road accessories, today announced its new Windshield CB Radio Mount for 1997-2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ models for increased ease of radio access.


Rugged Ridge’s new CB Radio Mount increases safety and was designed with a simple mounting bracket which requires no drilling for installation. Photo Credit: Rugged Ridge

The new CB radio mount was designed to incorporate a simple mounting bracket that secures to the windshield frame, above the rearview mirror, utilizing the factory hardware. The installation is made clean and simple as there is no drilling required.

The radio mount is crafted with a universal pattern allowing it to work with most radio manufacturers mounting brackets and places the CB unit at a higher elevation allowing the driver to focus entirely on the road and eliminating the need to reach across the center console to reach for the microphone or change the channel.

“When we designed the CB mount, we wanted drivers to
have effortless access to the controls and displays,” says
Alain Eboli, Engineering Manager at Omix-ADA / Rugged Ridge. “We believe that doing so will increase safety while driving and providing easy radio access.”

Constructed of Q235 Steel and finished in Gloss Black Powder Coat, the CB Radio mount is built to look great and last for years to come. Each CB Radio Mount is backed by an industry-leading five year limited warranty and is available at an MSRP of $26.99.

For more information about the CB Radio Mount, or Rugged Ridge’s complete line of high-quality Jeep and off-road products, or to find an authorized retailer, please contact Rugged Ridge at 770-614-6101 or visit

Part Number Description Price
13551.08 CB Radio Mount, ’97-’02 Jeep Wrangler TJ $26.99

November 2016 Monthly Update

LED Rock Light Kit

If your looking for the perfect light for your trail rides at night than Rugged Ridge has you covered with our new LED Rock Light Kit. Our lights were designed with special waterproof aluminum LED housing to make any terrain no problem. The kit includes 4 flat mounts and 4 curved mounts, allowing you to mount the LED’s in a variety of locations depending on your application for greater versatility. Includes hardware and wiring instructions.

Part Number Description Price
11232.39 LED Rock Light Kit, 4-Piece, White, 07-16 JK and JK Unlimited $132.99
11232.40 LED Rock Light Kit with Harness and switch, 4-pc, White, JK and JK Unlimited $146.99

D-Ring Isolator Kits

Your everyday commute shouldn’t involve the loud clanging noise of your D-rings riding down the highway, stop it with our D-Ring Isolator Kits. Our kits prevent noise from the bumper while also adding a bit a flare with the colors that are available.These D-ring isolators easily snap over
the outer perimeter of your shackle providing complete protection from contact with nearby surfaces while the included urethane washers isolate between the shackle pin and the mounting tab for total coverage.

Part Number Description Price
11235.30 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Black, 3/4-Inch $17.99
11235.31 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Red, 3/4-Inch $17.99
11235.32 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Yellow, 3/4-Inch $17.99
11235.33 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Green, 3/4-Inch $17.99
11235.34 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Pink, 3/4-Inch $17.99
11235.40 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Black, 7/8-Inch $17.99
11235.41 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Red, 7/8-Inch $17.99
11235.42 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Yellow, 7/8-Inch $17.99
11235.60 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Red 2-Pair, 3/4-Inch $33.99
11235.61 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Red 2-Pair, 3/4-Inch $33.99
11235.62 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Yellow 2-Pair, 3/4-Inch $33.99
11235.63 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Green 2-Pair, 3/4-Inch $33.99
11235.64 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Pink 2-Pair, 3/4-Inch $33.99
11235.70 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Black 2-Pair, 7/8-Inch $33.99
11235.71 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Red 2-Pair, 7/8-Inch $33.99
11235.72 D-Ring Isolator Kit, Yellow 2-Pair, 7/8-Inch $33.99

Trail Access Grant: Stay The Trail update

trail-1The Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program continues to award many grants since first being announced in 2013 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. The Responsible Recreation Foundation received the grant back in 2015 and has made great strides since than. Their flagship program “Stay The Trail” has been spreading the message of responsible motorized recreation for eleven years now.

The grant was used to complete three distinct projects that involved the purchase and installation of kiosks and other materials. These projects provided much needed signage and information at three heavily used OHV areas.

Badger Flats This project took place on the South Park Ranger District in the Pike National Forest to install a variety of kiosks and signs. Volunteers helped install three sets of kiosks at two different locations, along with one smaller sign, and the placement of large rocks to create a barrier around the kiosks.

Mt. Antero This project took place during the annual All-4 Fun event sponsored by Mile Hi Jeep Club to improve 3 large kiosks. These trails were between Salida and Buena Vista on the San Isabel National Forest. This project was a combined effort to bring the 4×4, ATV, and Dirt Bike communities together to work together to improve and trails.

Mud Springs Recreation Area This project took place near Cortez, Colorado at the Mud Springs Recreation Area. Three large kiosk and barricades were installed around the Rock Crawler entrances.

To learn more about Stay The Trail or for further updates click here.

To learn more or apply for The Trail Access Program click here.

October 2016 Monthly Update

Elite Door Handle Inserts

Add a unique touch to your Jeep® with our Door Handle Inserts that feature a cool tread-inspired inlay. The kit includes 3 inserts, for both doors and rear tailgate. Made from lightweight cast aluminum and treated to a textured powder coat for great looks and durability. Easy install with double-sided automotive tape and no sharp edges offer a comfort-fitting install.

Part Number Description Price
13311.48 Door Handle Inserts, Black Tread, 2 Door, 07-16 Jeep® JK Wrangler $52.99
13311.49 Door Handle Insets, Black Tread, 4 Door, 07-16 Jeep® JK Wrangler Unlimited $79.99
13311.50 Door Handle Inserts, Brushed Tread, 2 Door, 07-16 Jeep® JK Wrangler $52.99
13311.51 Door Handle Inserts, Brushed Tread, 4 Door, 07-16 Jeep® JK Wrangler Unlimited $79.99

Nautic Winch

The Rugged Ridge Nautic Series Winches remarkable pulling power and impressive IP-67 waterproof-rated solenoid, motor and gearbox combine for a powerful off-road winch package that delivers reliably. In even the harshest off-road conditions. Nautic winches feature strong series wound motors and 3-stage planetary gearboxes offering smooth, stable pulls and an automatic load braking system, internal to the drum, providing exceptional pull control. The Nautic winches are all CE certified for an increased level of safety. Both the motor cap and gearbox feature an innovative X-braced reinforced housing which helps transfer energy for increased structural strength under load. All Nautic winches include weather-resistant wired remote controllers with 12-foot cable, a remote-mounted solenoid box with variable-position mounting brackets and the appropriate style fairlead to keep your winch line in check. The Nautic Series winches are available in both 5.5 HP/9,500 lbs, and 6.6 HP/12,500 lbs versions, based on your recovery needs with your choice of traditional steel cable or lightweight synthetic rope options. Rugged Ridge Nautic Series winches are backed by Rugged Ridge’s industry-leading 5-year limited warranty.

Part Number Description Price
15100.05 Nautic Winch 9,500 lbs, Cable, Waterproof $460.99
15100.06 Nautic Winch, 9,500 lbs, Synthetic Rope, Waterproof $691.99
15100.22 Nautic Winch, 12,500 lbs, Cable, Waterproof $667.99
15100.23 Nautic Winch, 12,500 lbs, Synthetic Rope, Waterproof $867.99

Single D-Ring Shackles

These D-Ring Shackles from Rugged Ridge rated to 9,500 lbs to 13,500 lbs with a screw-pin design making them essential for effective vehicle recovery. Available in multiple finishes, these d-ring shackles are as brutally tough as the trial demands. No recovery gear kit is a complete without a set of D-rings, suitable for temporary connections of straps, snatch blocks and pulleys for safe and efficient vehicle recovery. Keep an extra set on hand so you are equipped for anything. sold individually.

Part Number Description Price
11235.16 D-Ring, 3/4 inch, 9,500 lbs, Galvanized $17.99
11235.17 D-Ring, 7/8 inch, 13,500 lbs, Galvanized $23.99
11235.18 D-Ring, 3/4 inch, 9500 lbs, Black $17.99
11235.19 D-Ring, 7/8 inch, 13,500 lbs, Black $23.99
11235.20 D-Ring, 3/4 inch, 9,500 lbs, Red $17.99
11235.21 D-Ring, 3/4 inch, 9,500 lbs, Green $17.99
11235.22 D-Ring, 7/8 Inch, 13,500 lbs, Green $23.99

September 2016 Monthly Update

C3 Cargo Cover

A versatile Jeep deserves versatile accessories. Keeping you on-the-go with ease, rear Configurable Cargo Cover (C3) offers complete protection for the rear cargo area of your Jeep keeping your interior pristine throughout your daily use by protecting your carpet and plastic trim from damage, scratches, pet claws, dirt, and other debris. This custom made and functional accessory also allows for a pet friendly space for your pet to rest during long off-road trips.

Part Numbers Description Price
13260.03 C3 Cargo Cover, 2-Door W/O Subwoofer, 07-16, 15-16 w/subwoofer Jeep® Wrangler JK $159.99
13260.04 C3 Cargo Cover, 2-Door w/Subwoofer, 07-14 Jeep® Wrangler JK $159.99

C2 Cargo Curtain

Designed to work with the C3 Cargo Cover, the Cargo Curtain provides full top to bottom separation between the seats and the cargo area. Heavy Duty ballistic weave construction is built to give you years of use while the innovative design allows for easy installation and removal. Comes with a handy storage bag to keep the curtain protected when not in use.

Part Numbers Description Price
13260.05 C2 Cargo Curtain, Behind Front Seat, 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler JK/JKU $89.99
13260.06 C2 Cargo Curtain,Behind Rear Seat, 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited $89.99

Eclipse Cargo Barrier

The Eclipse Cargo Barrier is designed to allow open top enjoyment, all while providing protection to your rear seat passengers from harsh sunlight. Constructed of reinforced mesh with integrated bungee straps, this 3-piece barrier installs in minutes to your sport bar and tub rail for the ultimate convenience.

Part Numbers Description Price
13579.41 Eclipse Cargo Barrier, 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler JKU $79.99
13579.42 Eclipse Cargo Barrier, 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler JKU $79.99

RRC Side Armor Guard Plates

RRC Side Armor Step Plates are the perfect addition for your RRC Side Armor (11504.21). Constructed of tough stamped steel with a sturdy black textured powder coat finish, the Side Armor Step Plates give a solid platform to assist with vehicle entry that looks great and are engineered to last.

Part Numbers Description Price
11504.24 RRC Side Armor Guard Plates, 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler JK $69.99
11504.25 RRC Side Armor Guard Plates, 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler JKU $129.99

Power Cup

The Rugged Ridge Power Cup is the perfect electronic accessory for your Jeep®, or any vehicle for that matter! Now you can have adequate power ports at the close convenience of your cup holder. Great for powering your smartphones, GPS devices, DVD players or anything else your needs might demand! Equipped with two USB ports for your phone charging cables and two additional DC sockets for powering entertainment systems, GPS/navigation devices, etc.

Part Numbers Description Price
15101.03 Power Cup, 2 x USB + 2 x Accessory Ports, Universal $12.99

Ultimate Grab Handles

Use these easy to use Ultimate Grab Handles wherever you need them. Constructed of tough nylon webbing with a molded sure grip handle and now available in GREEN!

Part Numbers Description Price
13505.05 Ultimate Grab Handles, Green, 55-16 Jeep® CJ/Wrangler YJ/TJ/JK $24.99

Trail Access Grant: Dirt Minions 4×4 update

The Rugged Ridge Trail Access Program was first announced at the 2013 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Since then, it has awarded grants to a number of non-profit off-road organizations, including Dirt Minions 4×4 from Oregon.

Since receiving the grant late last year the organization has made great progress with the Ladee Flats OHV for their trail. They’ve upgraded two existing trails from easy to moderate trails with multiple single black diamond sections. A large clean up event that brought out 105 volunteers started the efforts removing 4600 lbs of trash from the OHV, from there numerous changes begun.

Several features have been added such as boulders to 4 separate optional crawl sections and clearing brush to opening a large natural rock ledge for climbing. Rail style fencing has been added to keep people on the trails and off the nature areas surrounding. Added water management to miles of trail that were unsustainable due to muddy conditions helped tremendously for the wet season which in Oregon feels like year round.

Dirt Minion 4×4 next plan of actions include a wide variety on new trails and expanding. There will be 2 new trails that require a lot of work for the trails to be sustainable for long term use. The organization also helped the Forest Service to obtain a large grant that will help expand the parking area along with permanent restrooms and also a campground may be in the near future for the park as well.

With the Trail Access Grant the organization has spent less time raising funds and more time putting their shovels to work.

August 2016 Monthly Update

XHD Hub Centric Wheels 17×8.5″

Ready to upgrade your stock wheels but still want to use the tread that’s left of your stock tires? Now you can have both! Unlike our XHD 17×9 wheels, these Euro-spec 17×8.5 wheels allow you to mount either your stock tires or upgraded Off Road tires. So instead of throwing out your slightly used stock tires, think Green and remount them on these new style XHD wheels. It can literally save you thousands of miles!

These wheels are designed to exactly center the wheel over the hub providing the best t possible and the proper clearance for brake rotors, steering components and suspension. Better, no wheel vibration! A stainless steel button-head socket cap screws around the perimeter of the outer wheel face, giving it a great 3-piece look, and allowing you to accessorize with our optional rim protector. Each wheel includes a modular center cap. A durable powder coated nish offers a long lasting look. These Rugged Ridge wheels have been independently tested to meet/exceed the requirements for SAE J2530 and the even more stringent TUV standards. Backspacing is 5.17 inch with a +10mm offset.


Part Numbers Description Price
XHD Wheel, Satin Black, 17×8.5, 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler JK/JKU
XHD Wheel, Gunmetal, 17×8.5, 07-16 Jeep® Wrangler JK/JKU

D-Shackles Yellow

Add some flare to your ride with our yellow powder coated D-shackles. This bright yellow will stand out against your bumper. Available in either 7/8 Inch or 3/4 Inch with 13,500 and 9,500 Working Load Limit respectively. Sold in pairs.

Part Number Description Price
D-Shackles, 7/8-Inch, Yellow, Pair
D-Rings, 3/4-Inch, Yellow, Pair

Grand Cherokee Exterior Accessories

Looking to dress up and protect your Jeep Grand Cherokee? Rugged Ridge has the accessories to make your Grand Cherokee unique. We are introducing a line of accessories from grille & bumper guards to side steps. Of course, each comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Part Numbers Description Price
Grille Guard, Black, 11-16 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WK
Rear Bumper Guard, Black, Double Tube, 11-16 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WK
Running Board, Polished Aluminum Trim, 69-inch, 11-16 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WK
Running Board, Black, 69-inch, 11-16 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WK
Side Step, Round, 3-Inch, 11-16 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WK
Side Step, Oval, Tubular, 4-inch, Black, 11-16 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WK
Bull Bar, Black, 3-Inch, 11-16 Jeep® Grand Cherokee WK

Rugged Ridge announces new Steel Winch Plate for Mopar Rubicon 10th Anniversary front bumpers

Rugged Ridge®, a leading manufacturer of high quality Jeep®, truck and off-road parts and accessories, today announced its new Steel Winch Plate, which allows for the installation of a winch on the following Jeep JK Wrangler vehicle packages equipped with the MOPAR Rubicon 10th Anniversary front bumper: Rubicon X, Rubicon 10th Anniversary and Rubicon Hard Rock. The new winch plate is also compatible with all other 2007-2016 JK Wrangler models upgraded with the MOPAR Rubicon 10th Anniversary front bumper.

Featuring a versatile two-piece design that covers the vehicle’s frame for a sleeker look, the heavy duty winch plate incorporates high strength class 10.9 mounting hardware and is heavily gusseted for added strength. It also features a textured black finish that is E-coated and powder coated to meet the industry`s toughest corrosion requirements.

The Rugged Ridge Steel Winch Plate for JK Wranglers equipped with the MOPAR Rubicon 10th Anniversary front bumper is available now at an MSRP of $266.99.

For more information on the winch plate, Rugged Ridge’s complete line of high-quality Jeep and off-road products, or to find an authorized retailer, please contact Rugged Ridge at 770-614-6101, or visit

Part No. Description Price
 11543.15 Rugged Ridge Winch Plate for MOPAR Rubicon 10th Anniversary Front Bumpers, 2007-2016 Jeep JK Wrangler $266.99

Jeep Heritage Expo



Omix-ADA hosted it’s inaugural Jeep Heritage Expo, celebrating 75 years of Jeep.

For the first time ever Omix-ADA opened up its doors to the public. It gave the public a rare look into it’s 230,000 square feet facility where more than 20,000 Omix-ADA brand parts are developed and house. Omix-ADA’s complete vintage and historic Jeep Collection were on display as well featuring more than 30 of the worlds rarest Jeeps to the public.

The event also featured a Jeep Show & Shine that benefited the American Diabetes Association. 100 percent of the vehicle entry fees were donated to the American Diabetes Association.

In addition, there were a number of activities for children and families, including remote control Jeep races, carnival games, giveaways and more. Food was available onsite from the region’s top food trucks.

Check out the gallery below!

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