Coming to Grips with the Then & Now

How often do you come across somebody who keeps their high school yearbook on the coffee table, out for everyone to see? Unless graduation was in extremely recent history, I’d be willing to bet those annuals are buried deep in the recesses of the attic. Buried under cardboard boxes of dusty keepsakes and discarded Christmas decorations. Even though our high school years often represent some of our fondest memories and treasured friendships, we in large part don’t want to be reminded of what once was; certainly not in the form of pictures.

Celebrities are often refused this brand of self-seclusion. They are often “outed” by their former class mates eager to share a few rays of the spotlight by exposing their old prep school pals for all to see. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes bad, but always entertaining.


When it comes to Jeeps, a ”Before & After” comparison might be more in order. The new 2018 Wrangler JL has only been on the streets a few months and the changes between it and it’s JK predecessor can make for some pretty telling photos, on par with any liposuction or rhinoplasty you can muster…for the better, of course.



The changes observed in the Jeep design over the past decades are too numerous to count and yet, while many of the changes have not been subtle, the effect they have had on the overall image of the Jeep are impressively small. Certainly when compared to any other long-standing car nameplate. Take a minute to enjoy Jeeps yearbook photos past & present!















When you look at images of Jeep’s past side by side with it’s present, so much has changed and yet so much is still the same. We can confidently display (and, hopefully, still drive) our past while we proudly show off our present and wait patiently for what the future holds. Because Jeep shows it’s age in the best ways possible. OlllllllO


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