Rugged Ridge Jeep Restyling Packages


Rugged Ridge, a leading manufacturer of high-quality Jeep accessories today announced the availability of 10 new Jeep restyling packages for ’07-’14 Wrangler’s. Each of these packages groups common sets of accessories into easy to order kits for the dealer, jobber and upfitter; providing everything needed to transform an ordinary, stock Jeep into an attractive, off-road capable, vehicle that stands out among the rest.

Merging style, performance, and convenience into an all-in-one-package, Rugged Ridge’s restyling packages serve as one-stop-shops allowing store owners simple options for their customers looking for something different, or the Jeep dealer looking to pre-load inventory.

Ranging from mild to wild, each of the 10 packages allows owners to create their dream “take-me-anywhere” Jeep outfitted with the most cutting edge parts and accessories available on the market today.

“What’s great about these packages is that they offer so much versatility for the Jeep,” said Henk Van Dongen, Director of Marketing at Omix-ADA. “Whether the owner wants to climb over a rocky landscape, trump through sand dunes, or cruise the boulevard, these packages offer everything they could possibly need to achieve this; instilling confidence that their Jeep can go anywhere and do anything.”

Each of the packages combines a variety of products from the Rugged Ridge catalog ranging from wheels, lift kits, modular snorkels, bumpers and recovery winches, transforming the Jeep into a lean, mean, trailblazing machine.

For more information on each of the exclusive Jeep build packages offered by Rugged Ridge, the company’s complete line of high-quality Jeep and off-road products, or to find an approved retailer, please contact Rugged Ridge at (770) 614-6101 or visit its website at


Part Number Name Price
12498.81 Pioneer Package $996.99
12498.82 Appalachian Package $4,683.99
12498.83 Aspen Package $5,268.99
12498.84 Canyon Package $5,708.99
12498.85 Boulder Package $4,830.99
12498.86 Granite Package $7,025.99
12498.87 Rocky Package $9,366.99
12498.88 Teton Package $11,268.99
12498.89 Summit Package $13,025.99
12498.90 Exploration2 Package     $15,366.99
12498.91 Exploration4 Package     $15,366.99


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