Rugged Ridge X-Clamp Mounting System

Rugged Ridge today announced the availability of its new patent pending X-Clamp Mounting System. Designed to be extremely versatile, the new X-Clamp system is an innovative way to mount lights, cameras, antennas and more on any 2.25 – 3-inch diameter tubing, regardless of the vehicle they’re being mounted to.

Available paired with or without Rugged Ridge’s three-inch LED driving lights, the X-Clamp system from Rugged Ridge is constructed from high-quality die-cast aluminum and is available in either black or silver powder coat finishes. Simple to install regardless of the application, each clamp can be installed by rotating it to fit the tube diameter, pivoting the mounting bracket to the desired position, and adding the preferred accessory.

“No other clamp on the market gives owners a perfect fit on such a range of tube sizes,” said Alain Eboli, Engineering Manager at Omix-ADA. “Designed using our pivotal fit technology, any number of different accessories can be securely fastened in a variety of locations.”

The Rugged Ridge X-Clamp Mounting System is available online and through select Jeep and off-road parts/accessories retailers nationwide starting at $29.99.

Part Number Black Part Number Silver Description Price
11030.01 11030.10 X-Clamp, 2.25-3 Inch, Single $40.99
11030.02 11030.11 X-Clamp, 2.25-3 Inch, Pair $75.99
11030.03 11030.12 X-Clamp, 2.25-3 Inch, 3 Piece $109.99
15210.01 15210.10 X-Clamp, 2.25-3 Inch, Single with 1 LED Light $118.99
15210.02 15210.11 X-Clamp, 2.25-3 Inch, Pair with 2 LED Lights $230.99
15210.03 15210.12 X-Clamp Kit, 2.25-3 Inch, 3 Piece with 3 LED Lights $351.99


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