Crush Recovery Build: Beginnings

Hey guys! It’s been a while since the last update, but we are finally reaching some stages where the build is really starting to take place! The parts are in, and we are all now working to get everything painted and installed.

Besides a few minor exterior accessories, we are building from the ground up, literally! We have started by installing new suspension, Alloy USA axles and ring & pinion and much more. We’ll let the photos do most of the talking this time around:


  1. funny thing is that we have on order, (6 weeks now) a 2013 Rubicon 2 door that will be all "crush orange". Instead of black accessories we are painting over the Olympic bumpers textured black powder coating and Rustys suspension with a deep metallic gray.Trying to get away from the some what Halloween look. Naturally the license plate will read "crush". The circles in the M/T wheels are also orange.

  2. Dave can I buy your hard top?

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