Is Your Lift Street Legal?

One of the risks that comes with modifying any vehicle is compliance with the law, and suspension mods can be the most noticeable. Many Jeep enthusiasts want to lift their Jeep to inprove off road capability, but may wonder what their local laws are regarding lift restrictions. It is best to get familiar with your local laws before installing a lift kit on your vehicle to avoid unwanted circumstances as a result. All it takes is a little time to make sure that your mods are done legally and safely. There is a great online resource for enthusiasts to check state by state information,

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  1. Henry says:

    Thanks for providing a link for information regarding lift laws. It seems to be all too often that people go through the trouble (both manually and financially) to lift their vehicles, only to be subjected to numerous tickets and fines. It’s important that people understand the laws pertaining to lifted vehicles before they decide to add kits. Thanks for sharing!

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