Support Tread Lightly!

We are now an Official Partner of Tread Lightly! We are proud to announce that our entire line of Rugged Ridge All Terrain Floor Liners for Jeep®, Dodge, Ford, GM, Nissan and Toyota is now available under the Tread Lightly! brand. We offer over 90 applications to date and growing.

Support our hobby of off-roading by supporting Tread Lightly! A donation is made from every Tread Lightly! branded product. The organization promotes responsible off-roading through educational and stewardship programs.

All Terrain Floor Liners by Rugged Ridge

Tread Lightly! Principles

Travel Responsiblyon land by staying on designated roads, trails and areas. Go over, not around, obstacles to avoid widening the trails. Cross streams only at designated fords. When possible, avoid wet, muddy trails. On water, stay on designated waterways and launch your watercraft in designated areas.

Respect the Rights of Othersincluding private property owners, all recreational trail users, campers and others so they can enjoy their recreational activities undisturbed. Leave gates as you found them. Yield right of way to those passing you or going uphill. On water, respect anglers, swimmers, skiers, boaters, divers and those on or near shore.

Educate Yourselfprior to your trip by obtaining travel maps and regulations from public agencies. Plan for your trip, take recreation skills classes and know how to operate your equipment safely.

Avoid Sensitive Areason land such as meadows, lakeshores, wetlands and streams. Stay on designated routes. This protects wildlife habitats and sensitive soils from damage. Don’t disturb historical, archeological or paleontological sites. On water, avoid operating your watercraft in shallow waters or near shorelines at high speeds.

Do Your Part by modeling appropriate behavior, leaving the area better than you found it, properly disposing of waste, minimizing the use of fire, avoiding the spread of invasive species and repairing degraded areas.

For more information, visit the official Tread Lightly! website:

Jeep Beach 2012 – Daytona Beach, FL

So, Jeep Beach is right around the corner (April 25-29), who all is going this year?

Jeep Beach 2011

Beach Parade

Last year we had an absolute blast! It was great meeting everyone, and the events were a lot of fun. If you’re going make sure to stop by our booth and say hello!

Jeep Beach is an annual event of Jeep enthusiasts celebrating a passion for off-road vehicles. Held in beautiful Daytona Beach, it is five days of family friendly fun for Jeep owners.

Some of the activities will include:

  • Obstacle courses for all levels of drivers
  • Meet face-to-face with leading industry vendors
  • Drive in a beach parade
  • Win prizes in our huge raffles
  • Clean up at the Jeep-shining show
  • Party with new and old Jeep friends