Jeep Gladiator 4-Door Pickup "Truck" Coming in 2013

Yellow Jeep Gladiator Pickup Concept

Last September in Orlando, Jeep CEO Michael Manley,  set Jeep forums and internet chat rooms ablaze by hinting that a Jeep pickup truck was in the future. No one knew what the tuck was or where it came from… Until now.

By hinting we mean, Manley concluded a speech to Jeep deal group by saying, ” “You never know what might show up in your showroom someday” and coolly exited the stage as the stunned audience glimpsed a yellow Jeep concept through sheer curtains.

Speculation was set aflame by the fact that no one got more a fleeting glance of the truck. There were no images of video footoage taken. Was it based on the Nukizer M715 Jeep released that year in Moab? Perhaps a take off of the J8 Egyptian Military Spec Jeep, the 2005 Gladiator Concept, or something new all together? The Jeep design team certainly didn’t know. They were busy sketching concepts of the redesigned Wrangler due out in 2012. The guys in charge of the Ram Truck division over a hearty, “Hell, no!”  when asked about the possibility of production.

Automotive News and other news sites were quick to debunk the production of a Jeep based truck; calling it all hype.  Ram certainly wasn’t happen about a the possibility of it’s sister brand cannibalizing their sales. Let’s face it Michael Manley never said the Jeep was headed for production when he walked off the stage. But what no one counted on was the fact that Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne was behind the idea.

2005 Jeep Gladiator Pickup Truck ConceptThe Jeep is none other than the 2005 Jeep Gladiator Concept with a new yellow job covering the original Armour Green. After crisscrossing the states for media blitzes and auto shows in 2005 the concept was retired to the Walter p. Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hills, Michigan. After disappearing from display for a few short weeks it is now sitting back behind the velvet rope sporting its new bright yellow paint.

The 2013 Gladiator will most likely be a cross between the 2005 concept and the Nukizer M715. It will be powered by the new 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6, 280 horsepower (209 kW) at 6,400 rpm and 260 lb.-ft. (353 Nm) of torque at 4,800 rpm, that sits under the hood of the 2011 Grand Cherokee, and will power all Jeep Wrangler in 2012. The bed will be shortened to 5ft too add two more feet to the passenger compartment, but will use a tailgate extender (like the Ford Explorer Sport) to accommodate larger objects.

Like the current Wrangler the new Jeep truck will be built in Toledo and will sit atop a front Dana 30 and rear Dana 44 axles, and be mated with a new Fiat transmission. The word is the Jeep is consider using the Gladiator name or reviving the Scrambler moniker.

Photo Credit: Yellow Jeep (USA Today)


  1. oliver thurler says:

    The new gladiator is the nicest truck to come out in years! Wondering exactly when it is coming out and at what price fully loaded?

  2. jeepojee says:

    Wow boggie woggie, anybody know more about this car. I would like to buy one… and present it to my father.. :)

  3. DSG says:

    What nit-wits. Lets take a cool 3/4ton DIESEL powered truck and sterilize it down to a Ford Explorer Sport that will get crappier gas mileage and reduced hauling capacity. Chrysler should just go broke already. Pretty lame that a Euro Econobox (Fiat 500) is going to be the saving grace for this company.

  4. Nathan says:

    I own a dodge ram now and always have but I will definately be getting this once it comes out. Maybe that is why the dodge ram guys said hell no. lol. Interested in what the price of one of these will be though.

  5. David Wallace says:

    This is a sweet looking truck ..but before I put my truck shopping on hold until t
    his is released for sale to the public. I would need to know a lot more about it a d its capabilities. But I would love to see it ..

  6. Butterfly says:

    Thurber, did you ever get your answer? Have you been able to test drive?

  7. Jim Funk says:

    interested in power top for JK Unlimited

  8. Wayne Fenwick says:

    We want a small diesel version, pay attention Jeep

  9. Kenwa says:

    What an ASS you are.
    I imagine some people could like things a little different than you, and they are nit wits because of it!
    What an ASS you are.

  10. Martín says:

    Its a nice looking Truck were and when can i buy One

  11. R Mills says:

    Your Kidding, I hope your still building the 2012 JK Becauce if not Ill have to buy the older version and do it up, the new one looks pritty tinny and no GUTS.

  12. matt barton says:

    Can’t wait,hope they havs it with a jk option Don’t care much for the dana 30 front end .set of e Lockers would be great in that….hum just Dreaming but a v 8 Option would be fun i like the idea of a Diesel to

  13. Kenneth S. Hagan says:

    I WANT ONE NOW…I WANT TO BE THE FIRST ONE TO HAVE ONE SO CALL ME NOW..270-590-3405 glasgow ky.will be my work truck

  14. Mr. R. says:

    I saw on one site that they plan on using the motori 2.8l diesel that you could get in the liberty’s when they first came out. And from what I read, 23mpg average combined. Also 169 hp and 295 torque. If it comes with that diesel, I’m buying one.

  15. James says:

    Nice what about a FRdrive option rather than 4×4?

  16. Nice what about a FRdrive option rather than 4×4? first comment

  17. Colton says:

    Im very interested in buying this truck where can I get one at? I already have a 2012 Jk8 custom that I would like to trade. Email me at

  18. Larry Blais says:

    Honestly I have been hoping for Jeep to bring back the Comanche for a long time now. If you don’t decide to go with Gladiator you could instead call it, the “Scram, Recover, Chief, or R.M.O. (inside joke for Rocky Mountain Oysters). I hope that you are considering a diesel version. I don’t like the the 4dr design that your concept uses. I hope to see a full 4dr version available as well, like with your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I currently own the 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser and there are only to things I hate about it. The blind spots in the rear corners of the vehicle and the suicide doors. They are fine for kids and pets but for adults they are less than desirable. I told some friends of mine that I thought it was strange and crazy for Dodge to stop production of the Dodge Dakota. I thought you priced your model out of the market to tell you the truth. To see this new model I think either you are smart business men or are asking for a second chance. I don’t agree with some of the things you are doing. I think you have too many SUV models and I think the Dodge Dart was a let down too. My wife actually owned a 1973 Plymouth Valiant Scamp and was very excited to see your new Dodge Dart. We were both disappointed. We thought it would be either a mid or full size car and would capture the Dodge Dart feeling that you pulled off with your new Dodge Challenger. Some models have been wonderful. Since 2007 the new Dodge Ram 4500 and 5500 are fantastic and my Co. loves them. I will say that as a mechanic, there were a few little things that you guys forgot when it came to the incomplete models (like mud-flaps, extended tail-pipe, and tire changing tools) but I think some day you’ll add them. The Dodge Challenger is incredible to look at and drive too. Well thank you for your time, keep up the good work. Looking forward to 2013.
    Yours truly; Larry Blais. 5/30/12

  19. joyce says:

    I am very interested in the new 2013 jeep. I thought it would be a normal size 4 door looking truck? i have a 4 door Rubicon and love it. Will you come out with the 4 door full size like the rubicon but like a truck??


  20. One Word!…”AWSOME”!!!

  21. carl Lund says:

    Would be nice with crew cab.bench seat option for front and it and we will buy.

  22. cooper meikle says:

    i’d love if jeep would make a pick up truck. i am a HUGE fan of the jeep wrangler but its just i need a pick up because i live on a farm and the jeep gladiator 4×4 pick up will be perfect. and it looks like a jeep wrangler!!!! i cant wait till they come out with them.

  23. boobie billy bob hasbrou says:

    the jeep rocks all other cominies

  24. boobie billy bob hasbrou says:

    the jeep gladiator rocks i love it and u Dsg sucks and u can just get lost in hells gate !!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  25. Yan Dubreuil says:

    wow premiere fois beau jeep.

  26. James Reed says:

    I am so sick of the auto industry's same o same o crap. Some of these concept trucks look fantastic. The Ram Express, the Gladiator and some other concepts are a breath of real fresh air. Lets make em…I'll buy one.

  27. I'll never buy any vehicle painted yellow, and this WAS going to be my keep it forever vehicle when it was my favorite color.

  28. Luis Herrera says:

    Que lindo ese jeep gladiador.

  29. When is it coming out so that I can get one.

  30. Josh Webster says:

    I myself have a 77 jeep j10 honcho pick up and this just blew my mind I now have one on my wish list that is a sweet truck.

  31. The perfect vehicle has finally been made! I'll take mine in Marine Corps green!

  32. Eric Gardner says:

    There's been one for sale at a dealer in frankenmuth Michigan since late summer. Sticker price was like 70,000.
    I love jeeps. But that's a bit much. Maybe so much because it was an early release

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