Office Grudge Match: Tug of War

Jeep Tug of War

The office is basically like the gridiron. A certain amount of trash talking is  expected and even acceptable. In our industry that usually means guys with oversized egos compensating for undersized lifts and tires, if you know what I mean.

The longest running office spat started when a tech guy called out of one of our engineers and asked when he was going to trade in his 2WD Grand Cherokee for a “real Jeep”. The engineer asked replied in kind asked the tech guy the same question. When was he going to trade in his YJ for a “real” Jeep?

To be fair the YJ is the perennial red headed step child of the Jeep family. (How quickly can you say square headlights?) Half CJ7, half TJ it seems the YJ got the worst of both worlds. The ribbing knows no bounds. Example:

Question: Why don’t you see more YJ’s on the trail? Answer: Cash for Clunkers.

Question: What is the best upgrade you can make to YJ? Answer: A TJ

For the better good we decided it was time for this hate fest to end. Love heals all wounds. So, we tried to convince them to fight it out.  They need wounds before they can be healed, right? We have been religiously offering helpful solutions: Duels, Bicycle Jousting, Arm Wrestling, but the absolute best solution we came up with was a tug of war.

So, we ask you: WHO WILL WIN? The grocery getting 2004 2WD Grand Cherokee that is one step above the soccer mom minivan, or the 1993 anemic 2.5L YJ Wrangler? The Grand Cherokee is bone stock (minus the addition of a car seat). The YJ (Yuppie Jeep) is out fitted with a 4″ ORV Lift, 1″ shackle lift and the perquisite 3″ body lift with 35×12.5×12 super swampers.

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  1. Nick says:

    I’d imagine the Cherokee would win based solely on weight…

  2. Mike C says:

    We could get really technical about this and ask for specifics like what surface, what sort of tires, manual or automatic, etc, but I’m thinking the Y, simply because of the traction and low-range torque available. I think that will overcome the ZJ’s weight advantage.

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  4. Kevin says:

    Though the YJ with the 2.5 has 4:10 gearing, I think the 35s will affect it’s pulling power and as Nick said, the weight of the WJ will be too much for it…on asphalt! Just sayin’.

  5. Eric says:

    I say the WJ. (It isn’t a ZJ folks, heh)

    Skinnier tires with more weight = increased traction. The bigger and wider tires of the lighter weight YJ won’t have the same traction on dry ground IMO.

  6. The YJ will win because it must! It’s a Wrangler and worth ten of any Cherokee on the planet.

  7. Daniel F says:

    I think the WJ, I own a ’02 4.7L, nothing special, but it make a excellent Expedition vehicle. The 4.7 has plenty of torque. I had to pull out a stuck TJ with 6″ lift, 35″ med tires. The wagon has much better weight distribution as well. WAGONS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Gator says:

    With the power to weight ratio all indications point to the Grand Cherokee. However the YJ might be able to pull it off if the driver knows what he is doing.

  9. R Mills says:

    So putting a short wheel base against a long wheel base, interesting, why dont you put a JK in instead or you think its not good enough?

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