High clearance All Terrain Flat Fender Flares for 2007-10 JK Jeep Wrangler

Did you like the look of the Lower Forty Jeep Concept, where Jeep reduced body roll by raising the fender for greater tire clearance?

The new All Terrain Flat Fender Flares from Rugged Ridge allow to run larger tires without lifting the vehicle or cutting the body, so you can add a bigger tire option for that true off-road look.

All Terrain Flat Fender Flare relocates side  marker light

The ability to run a larger tire with little or no suspension lift means a “lower center of gravity” making you JK more stable, yet still gives you the ground clearance you need to head off-road. With 1.5″ less coverage in the front and 1″ less in the rear these flares are slightly narrower than factory, yet still maintain proper tire coverage and aggressive looks. Constructed of a flexible UV treated high impact thermoplastic, these flares are made for the trails. The flares attach to factory mounting locations and no drilling or cutting is required. The kit also includes an easy to install brackets that relocate the factory side marker lights.

PN: 11620.10


  1. David Herrera says:

    Nice flat fender style. Is there any chance of a wider model? I need a flat style that has about 2″ additional tire coverage over stock.

    let me know, thanks

  2. When you come out with a stock width model I’ll buy them. I have AEV bumpers and it is important to me to maintain stock profile fenders yet increase clearance for larger tires without lifting.

  3. Mike Kaschak says:

    Any chance for a TJ application ?

  4. Jason says:

    The first picture shown has no inner fender, the second picture does have the inner fender. Are you still able to use the inner fender?

  5. Chase Brown says:

    What size are the tires/wheels in the picture? We have the stock tires (a little less than 32″) and would like to go to at least some nice ‘rockable’ 33″ tires. We would have to save up quite a chunk of money to do the lift normally associated with larger tires, and a ‘no-lift’ alternative is very attractive. What are your no-lift max tire size recommendations with these flat fender fares?

    Plus… I just plain like the retro flat look!

    • Paul says:

      In the picture we have some worn down 35′s so I would say they are more like 34″, but you can see we have same fenders w/ 37″ here:

  6. Dave says:

    I was wondering if I could get more pics, differant angles and can they be painted.
    It might have stated it somewhere but I could not find it.
    I have a Red Rock Sahara and like the colored fenders.
    I really don’t want my Sahara took look too folish with only 285/75/r17 Firestone MT’s but I have been too the 2010 Catskills Jeep Jamboree and was worried about this years Jamboree and my stock fenders.

  7. Dave says:

    Im sorry I quess I should have stated it’s a 2008 Sahara with a 2 1/2 Terraflex budget lift.
    You can check the site if needed.

  8. Micah says:

    How would these look with a stock JKU? I have non-stock tires but they are in the stock size and I haven’t added a lift.

  9. martin j glaccum says:

    Hello Folks, how do we explain the inner fender wells to our customers? Do inner fender wells come with the kit? do you offer them seperate? i need to know before I can sell the fenders. Thanks, marty @ Irish enterprises

  10. martin j glaccum says:

    Hello, How about the inner fendes do we just cut them or is another set of inner fenders included. I like the consept but need to protect the engine from flying mud and water. Thanks, mjg

  11. Chuck Kammer says:

    I want buy a set please let me know if they are avalable

  12. Burners-Ignitors

    High clearance All Terrain Flat Fender Flares for 2007-10 JK Jeep Wrangler | Offroad & Jeep Blog by Rugged Ridge

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