Check Out the All New 2010 Rugged Ridge Catalog

244 Page 4-color catalog covering the complete line of Omix-Ada, Rugged Ridge, ORV, Outland Automotive and Alloy USA products. Check it out today!

  • 240 pages
  • 8000+ parts
  • Over 500+ new parts
  • Covers 1941-2010 Jeep models


  1. mike toigo says:

    looking for soft door ideas and pricing for a jk 2008

    also looking for the replacement piece for the door/soft top not sure if you have an aftermarket item

    Front Drivers Side Door Surround 2008 wrangler jk

  2. limewire says:

    lol fun info dude.

  3. Martin says:

    Love your catalog! I have a 2009 Jeep Wrangler. Do you ship to Qatar? Also, if you do ship to Qatar, can I pay via VISA?

    Thanks, MLS

  4. spc martino says:

    the rugged ridge catalog rocked my jeep

  5. Lee Dorman says:

    Each season I can’t wait to get my new Catalog. I spend several days (in between my chores) reviewing my Wish List and looking for them, in your Catalog.

    With Summer nearing full tilt, I have less time to browse, as I am putting to use all the “Stuff” I have purchased and installed. I’m thankful for your Catalog, when my joy is being put to practice. Therefore, my thoughts run wild as I am busy with exploring and satisfying my adventures. This is when my down time becomes very important and my Wish List has gained a category called; “Catalog Index”.

    So, I take this moment to suggest, to all the decision makers of Rugged Ridge and those who are bold enough to use their influence to leverage those decision makers to; give thought to the Economics and Practicality of introducing…… an Index to your great Catalog.

    There is a Down Side to my suggestion……….. I would be happy to take criticism and even punishment for it, hoping that, at the very least, all considerations of the Marketing Strategy shall, at the very least, provide a Net-Gain, in Customer Satisfaction and Profit……… as this may cause some loss of that great pleasure of viewing all the great products and photography you have invested, not to mention some of the beautiful young ladies representing your products. At my age, (71), The Sand Dunes, Mountain Trails, Deserts and Forest Wilderness, and Beach Combing are my passions.

    One thing is certain, though! In time, I do view the entire Catalog, at the least, wishing I were 50 years younger.

    I just installed a new Duel Battery set up in my Jeep. This, I believe, shall reduce my worries of a dead battery when I forget to turn off the Radio when I fall asleep at the Campfire.

    Thanks for all you do! You have made a Jeep more fun to own.

    Lee Dorman

  6. Any plans to create a new Hoop Over-Rider that will work with the Warn Power Plan Winch?

    Hoop Over-Rider, 60mm, 76-09 CJ & Wrangler* 11540.14

  7. james says:

    Do the 2010 jk parts work on the 2011 jk parts. I need rugged ridge headers and rugged ridge cat back exhaust

  8. SHAUN MAYS says:

    like to get your catalog….send to shaun mays 2065 deel rd. green cove springs fl.32043

  9. Lee Dorman says:

    I have the (1)Jet Stagte 1 and (2) Stage 2. I also have a (3)Taylor Throttle Body Spacer, and a (4) Rugged Ridge Intake.

    I installed the Throttle Body first. I could only notice a very slight rpm increase at about 2500 rpm. I could not feel a power difference. With the Stage 1, there was a slight increase in power and performance. I noticed no difference with the Rugged Ridge Intake. With the Stage 2 Chip, I noticed a large amount of performance, full spectrum, with the Intake and Throttle Spacer. Obviously, the Stage 2 Chip is the only noticeably performance of all the Items. The Stage 1 was noticeable, but I felt was a waste of money.

    The Intake, throttle Body and STage 1 was a terrible disappointment. A $300.00 amount better thrown down the toilet. But, to end on a good note, I was more than pleased with the Stage 2. More than I expected.

  10. Lee Dorman says:

    Isn’t it a bit late for the 2010 Catalog. I just received this E’mail today, 1-26-11.

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