Autoblog: Jeep Lower Forty at SEMA

Jeep Lower Forty

Jeep Lower Forty

Definitely one of the hottest vehicles on display at the SEMA show in the Mopar booth.  Check out Autoblogs coverage here to see this beast!  Stay tuned RR is compiling our event coverage and will start posting up our SEMA 2009 coverage shortly


  1. Dan says:

    What have you done to the Jeep? Looks stupid. Cut the top? Its a Jeep, not a Mazda Miata. Jeeps are supposed to tall, with headroom and leg room. Open to the elements by choice. Not because you have to sit in the seat and look over the windshield. The tires and wheels are OK. But the cut down and lean the windshield back is awful. Looks like a Getoe buggy. Its terrible. I wouldnt give you a nickle for it. I am an avid Jeep owner and have been for years. To me the way this has been done is an INSULT to all REAL Jeep owners.

  2. [...] you like the look of the Lower Forty Jeep Concept, where Jeep reduced body roll by raising the fender for greater tire [...]

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